Who I AM?​

Hello. Welcome to my site. I’m Darshan Patel a Digital Marketer. The video on side is one of my video from my youtube channel Darshan Patel where I share what I learn with my fellow Digital Marketer.


No need to say my name again Right? Let’s skip birthday and all that. I completed my Computer Engineering in Summer 2019. I was never all day study type of guy. I only read when I thought exams are near. Well, That’s cause engineering degree held very low value for me. I was more skill oriented guy then any Certificates or Degrees. Still, I completed my engineering even though many times I thought about quitting but I was never the type of guy who don’t complete what he has started.

I first come to know about Digital Marketing when I was in my 6th sem. I tried to write many blogs before that when I was in my 2nd semester but those didn’t work out good and I stopped writing. Then in my 6th semester I started internship as a WordPress Developer and after one week I understand that I don’t want to do that so I just quit and then I come across Digital Marketing for the first time. People are building businesses a lot. But, they are facing difficulties to find customers or to reach out to potential customers and almost all people are using Internet even for small matters. I saw that those small businesses are struggling to grow because of online stores. and ultimately people stated to use Digital Marketing. When I first started learning Digital Marketing I learned that it’s HUGE and much more interesting then Coding. I liked it very very much and more than coding.

That’s how my journey as a Digital Marketer started. After that I learned many things about Digital Marketing such as SEO, PPC (Google Ads), Social Media Marketing and I was writer myself so I just needed to sharp my skills as Content Writer rather than learn from scratch. And I am here today.